Who We Are

Connell Curtis Group has a unique combination of consulting, executive management, customer care, and telecom experiences.

Our industry veterans built Rackspace, one of the world’s most successful hosting companies renown for its Fanatical Support™. This proven success sets us apart in our capability to partner with clients and to  achieve strategic and operational goals.

Clients come to rely upon our Positioning Experts’ deep industry knowledge and specialized expertise in strategy, operations, leadership, and organizational transformation.


Morris Miller

Managing Director

Morris Miller co-founded Rackspace Managed Hosting where he was President, Co-CEO and Co-Chairman. Mr. Miller was responsible for launching and growing Rackspace and it subsidiaries including ServerBeach. Today Rackspace has more than 30,000 customers and revenue that exceed more than $500 million.

Enda Flynn

Managing Director

Enda Flynn has proven executive management experience acquired during his 11 years at a large telecom and four years of management consultancy experience. He has delivered significant strategic partnerships, new revenue streams and product lines.

Anne Bowman

Anne Bowman is the former VP of Customer Care for Intensive Hosting at Rackspace.

Rich O’Halloran

Rich O’Halloran is a digital media expert with 12 years experience in cable, broadband and mobile platforms.

Connell Curtis Group

Additional Principals

- Founder and former CTO from Rackspace.

- Former VP finance from Rackspaces.

- Subject matter experts with proven track record of high performance and successful operational delivery for service providers with complex customer support requirements.