Traits of Great Marketing Consultants for Small Business

So, you’ve decided: in 2013, instead of going it alone, you’re going to enlist the help of an expert when crafting your marketing strategy. This year, you’ll be looking for a great marketing consultant to help guide you and your team in creating a winning plan that’s sure to improve your sales and increase your customer base. However, where do you start? What is it exactly you’re looking for when seeking marketing consultants for small business? Also, what makes one consultant stand out from another?


It’s true, not all marketing consultants are created equal. Some are more qualified, more experienced, and more effective than others. Also, with something as important as your marketing on the line, you can’t just leave it to chance. You need to be sure you’re hiring the right consultant, or you could risk losing out on loads of potential sales.


Essentially, great marketing consultants for small business all share a few common traits. Look for these traits when considering consulting candidates, and you’ll better set yourself and your company up for marketing success.


Specifically, marketing consultants for small business should:

  • Know your market. You can’t have a successful marketing plan without knowing your market inside and out. Your marketing consultant should have great knowledge and experience in your company’s market. They should have a finger on who your customers are, what they want, and what they need. They should also know about your competitors and be aware of current market trends and strategies.
  • Be a great listener. Listening is an integral part of what marketing consultants for small business do. They need to listen to you and your colleagues about your company, the challenges you’re facing, your goals, and your current marketing tactics. Only through this can they learn what your company’s marketing needs and demands are. Then, they can begin to help you strategize to improve, grow, and prosper.
  • Know the value of time. A great marketing consultant should always know the value of time. Essentially, time is money, and the longer you’re operating under a failing marketing strategy, the more money you’re losing out on. Truly effective marketing consultants for small business are able to offer quick turn-around time, so you don’t lose out on any more valuable sales.
  • Have real-world experience. To really know the strategies, methods, and tactics that work in marketing, a consultant must have real-world experience in the field. Most great marketing consultants for small business have spent time in positions at PR firms, advertising agencies, or marketing companies, and they boast a long resume of marketing-related jobs and duties.
  • Be analytical. A crucial part of the consulting process is analysis. In order to help you create a marketing strategy that is truly effective, a consultant first has to analyze your current marketing methods and determine what’s not working, what could be better and where you’re lacking. Only then can they start brainstorming strategies that are more likely to take your company to success.
  • Be results-driven. In marketing, the goal is always the same: to increase sales and get more customers. This goal should always be on the mind of any marketing consultants you choose. They shouldn’t be concerned with how much money they’re making or how many hours they’re putting in; they should be thinking of what can done to get you and your company to a more profitable level. Every step of the consulting process should be executed with this in mind.


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