Social Media and Small Business Growth Strategies

There is a convergence taking place – a convergence of two populations. One is a huge population of users that have been using social media tools for a while to network, connect, and learn from peers, friends, and followers. The majority in this cohort are individuals that had traditionally used the platforms for mostly “social” reasons. The other growing population of users is made up of professionals, companies, and organizations that realize the role of traditional media marketing is being challenged by a more direct conversation with their customers and clients. Traditional media marketing channel partners are being challenged to change the way they operate as well. Some channel partners and businesses have adapted – some have not.


However, the buzz and hype of social media marketing in small business growth strategies should not be analyzed nor implemented because of the buzz and hype. On the contrary, this strategy demands careful consideration and planning. The reality is that social media marketing is more of a contact and interactive buying process. The key words here are “buying process”, in which the customers and prospects are in control, guided by their social media conversations. If your organization is not comfortable or does not have the infrastructure to communicate, respond, and handle feedback in a professional manner, then you need to enlist some professional help.


Too many businesses and marketers think that social media marketing is yet another tool for “push” style marketing. The brutal reality is that users of social media are a discerning bunch. They despise being “sold to” and will push back big-time when this occurs. Therefore, this is a case where just doing something for the sake of doing it, without planning, can cause more harm than not being involved at all. Social media marketing can also affect and be subject to corporate communications policies and employee uses therein.


A comprehensive social media marketing strategy should be an integral part of any organization’s overall marketing plan and a big part of their small business growth strategies. It is essential that you plan and further work with a trusted partner that can develop, maintain, and integrate a sales strategy with effective interactive marketing programs.


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