See Success in 2013 with a Small Business Management Consultant

We know running a small business can be difficult, especially when you’re just starting out. You often have a very limited budget, a small support staff, and very few resources. Getting your company off the ground and on the way to being truly successful can sometimes take years to accomplish. However, we’re here to help. At the Connell Curtis Group, you can find a small business management consultant who can help you every step of the way. They’ll make sure your company is operating at the level it should be to make you money.


Specifically, a Connell Curtis small business management consultant will look at:

  • Your sales. Are they where they should be? Are you truly meeting your customers’ needs and utilizing the right sales channels?
  • Your staff. Are they operating as efficiently as they could be? Are there any redundancies? How could they improve?
  • Your technology. Are you using the most cost-effective forms of technology? Are you protected in the event of a disaster or security breach?
  • Your processes. Are there better ways your products can be manufactured? Are there more effective ways your team can communicate or manage the production process?
  • Your marketing. How are you reaching your target customers? Is it being done in the most effective way possible? How can you better reach those customers and speak to their needs and demands?
  • Your overhead costs. Are you paying too much in overhead costs? What can be done to reduce those? How can more money be freed up to put toward marketing and sales?


If your small business just isn’t delivering the success you’d hoped it would, consider enlisting the help of a small business management consultant. They’ll help you get your company on track to be a truly successful and lucrative operation. Call the Connell Curtis Group at 210-414-9724 to learn more today.


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