Our Solutions

Connell Curtis Group, LLC quietly provides high quality management & technology consulting services.

We look at a business as an integrated, cohesive whole. This means we bring a strategic mindset to everything we do. We start by defining the right questions. We are pragmatic, open minded and innovative, that’s why we find solutions that others miss.

When circumstances call for major change, your new strategy or new environmental pressures may demand speed, cost containment, customer focus, and entrepreneurial leadership.

Our solutions span the entire technology value chain. From executive growth strategies to operational excellence and enhancing technological performance, Connell Curtis has the depth of know-how and experience to create innovative and sustainable solutions for each unique client.

Consulting Case Studies:

Project Description: Strategy Engagements (Exec. Growth Strategies)
Project Description: Strategic Vendor Management Office (Exec. Growth Strategies)
Project Description: Customer Handoff between Departments (Operations)
Project Description: Support Re-organization (Exec/Operations)
Project Description: Customer, Server, and Support Migrations (Operations)
Project Description: Customer Experiential Analysis (Operations)
Project Description: Sales Pipeline Development and Lead-Flow Management (Operations)
Project Description: Sales Process Improvements (Operations)
Project Description: Call Center Process Review (Enhancing Tech.)
Project Description: Development and Implementation of (Sub) Brands (Executive Growth Str.)