How to Get More Clients: 5 Quick and Easy Tips

No matter how well your business is performing or how many sales you’re bringing in each month, there’s always one thing you and every other company out there could use more of: customers. Modern customers are savvy. They want the best services for the best prices, and they’re willing to go the extra mile to get that. You can’t just throw up a TV commercial and expect them to come in flocks; you’ll have to learn how to get more clients in creative, forward-thinking ways that really address customer needs.


Try out some of these strategies:


Give a Freebie

Learning how to get to more clients isn’t just about selling to customers; it’s about enticing them. Try giving away a free gift that can get new customers hooked and introduce them to your services at the same time. If you’re an interior design firm, giving away a free ebook or report on the latest design trends or Feng Shui. If you’re an SEO firm, maybe you could offer complimentary website assessments. This way, you’re meeting the potential customer’s immediate need, while also getting your brand in their mind. After they’ve gleaned great info from your freebie, they may consider your products and services now or in the future.


Use the Web

The internet is a powerful tool. With very little overhead, you can easily leverage it to build up customers and cultivate client leads. If you don’t already have one, ensure your brand has a web presence. Most customers will look up a company before doing business with them. With this in mind, you should have a great website up, one that explains who your company is, what it does, and how its services can benefit customers. Make sure you have a mobile version, too. The majority of your customers likely have a web-capable smartphone, so the chances of them seeing your site on the go are high.


Social media can be a great way to bring in new leads, too. Set up a Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn page and include links to these pages in your newsletters, on your website, and other online resources. Your existing customers will likely be the first to join up, but once you start posting company updates, news, exclusive content and more, they can easily share and re-Tweet your content, exposing you to hundreds of other potential customers.


Pitch to Other Businesses

When figuring out how to get more clients, you don’t have to be all alone. Work the local business community to find potential partnerships you can leverage. Attend networking events and schedule sit-downs with company leaders to discuss how your services and products could directly benefit them and their business. If you sell cooking supplies, meet with leaders of local restaurants and offer to be their sole provider of kitchen items. Schedule a pitch meeting with local businesses and discuss stocking their in-office kitchens.


Focus on your Reputation

A great reputation can take you a long way. Customers do business with companies they feel comfortable with, ones that are known for providing great service and really delivering results. Focus on having top-notch customer service, offering quality products, and pleasing your existing customers. The happier your existing customers are, the more likely they’ll recommend you to a friend or family member. Also, ensure your company is listed on review sites, like Yelp, Google Places, and more, so when you make a customer particularly happy, they can post a public review for all potential clients to see.


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