Executive Growth Strategies

Connell Curtis Group, LLC quietly provides high quality management & technology consulting services.

Your employees look to you for vision, motivation, and sense of purpose.  Your senior team or team of your
direct reports seeks direction, decisions, and mentoring.  The board and shareholders count on you to deliver
business results.  Where do you turn for advice or support in your own growth as a leader?

The Connell Curtis Group works with CEOs, executive teams, boards, and other senior executives with our corporate growth strategies. We deal with the design and implementation of large scale, transformational change across the entire enterprise.  We help
leaders increase their individual effectiveness, teams improve their collective performance, and organizations
achieve their strategic objectives

The complexity of running a large enterprise in today’s demanding environment typically requires more skills and experience than any single person can bring to the task. As a consequence, executive teams have emerged as a major fixture of corporate governance and they have created new leadership requirements for the CEO.

We partner with CEOs and other top executives in their role as team leaders to help them build and develop
high-performance executive teams.