Computer Technology Consulting

Connell Curtis Group, LLC quietly provides high quality management & technology consulting services.

Technology companies operate in increasingly competitive and complex markets- product differentiation grows harder as the fast followers are faster than ever, distribution channels become more strategic, and customer
expectations continually rise in both the leading edge and mass market segments.

Our clients need new insight. Our people to bring their best thinking to our clients and leverage their technical know-how and wealth of real- life experiences with our computer technology consulting. We invest significant resources in building knowledge in

emerging trends and tools. We believe in automation as a way to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. We see it as our mission to bring this knowledge to our clients and force ourselves to think about what is next.

We work with companies to hone their competitor, channel, customer strategies, product portfolio optimization, new market assessment, pricing strategy and management, partnering and M&A strategies, distribution channel strategy, and sales force optimization. Intense management challenges to implement this change is becoming critical for business leaders who want to improve the management of technology services.