Business Growth Consulting: Creating a Sub-Brand

Sometimes, expanding your company isn’t just about working on the same brand, the same product, or the same line of services. Sometimes, it requires creating something new – a sub-brand. A sub-brand allows your company to move into a new category of products, claim a new niche, and target a new audience. With a sub-brand, you can tailor your products to meet the needs of a specific set of customers and launch your company into success in a new market. Business growth consulting at the Connell Curtis Group can help you determine if creating a sub-brand would be a good fit for your company.


Products that tend to work well with sub-brands include:

  • Unique products or services (first of their kind)
  • High-interest products or services
  • Products that have a large market
  • Products with specific attributes that set them apart from the rest (they’re green, they use different materials, etc.)


Often, it’s best to use your parent brand name as part of your sub-brand’s name; that way, you’re able to leverage your company’s history, reputation, and brand awareness to make your new venture a success. If your sub-brand offers services or products that are just too different from your parent brand, or you’d like to keep a distance between the two lines, using the name is not necessary. The Connell Curtis Group’s business growth consulting services can help determine which tactic is best for you.


Advantages of a Sub-Brand:

  • It can increase exposure to your parent brand.
  • You can reach a new audience your parent brand was unable to.
  • It can improve brand loyalty for your parent brand.
  • You can launch into a niche market that allows you to better serve your customers’ needs.


Disadvantages of a Sub-Brand:

  • It can dilute the power of your parent brand.
  • It can get costly to market, promote, and maintain a new brand.
  • Failure of the sub-brand could reflect poorly on the parent brand.
  • It may require corporate restructuring.


At the Connell Curtis Group, we’ve seen great success with creating sub-brands. Call the Connell Curtis Group today to learn about our business growth consulting and to see if a sub-brand would work for your company.


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