Biography for Morris Miller

Connell Curtis Group, LLC quietly provides high quality management & technology consulting services.

- Morris Miller is the co-founder of Connell Curtis Group LLC.

- Mr. Miller formed Sequel Ventures, LLC (Sequel) in 2005. Sequel invests in and acts as advisor to numerous startup and established technology companies.

- Prior to founding Sequel, Mr. Miller co-founded Rackspace Managed Hosting where he acted as President, Co-CEO and Co-Chairman and helped build the company and its subsidiaries that included ServerBeach. Today Rackspace has more than 30,000 customers and revenues that exceed $500 million.

- Previously, Mr. Miller formed a start-up company, Curtis Hill Publishing, a legal publishing firm that was the first to publish Texas case law on CD-ROM. Mr. Miller also held various positions at Matthews & Branscomb, which is now part of Cox, Smith & Matthews; San Antonio’s oldest and largest law firm.

- Mr. Miller is an alumnus of Phillips Exeter Academy, The University of Texas at Austin and The Southern Methodist University School of Law.